This Script will help you in creating bootable OpenBSD images for your Soekris
  hardware. It has its limitations due to that it is only a shell
  script. Here is what it is capable of doing for you:
        - Makes an image from the version of OS that you are currently
          building from. (No Need to grab etxXX.tgz or baseXX.tgz
        - Has the ability to write an image so it can be duplicated 
          to several devices, or to write the install directly to
          the compact flash.
        - Customize the configs before the image is created.
        - Archive configs, ssh_host keys, and kernels
	- DHCP Server, Syslogd, etc...
        - And much, much more...

 The idea behind this work came from Chris Cappuccio  at
 his webpage, and we thank him for
 information on that website that spring boarded the idea of creating this.
The Soekris Build Script (version 1.0.12)
MD5 (OpenSoekris-1.0.12.tar.gz) = c27544d461e60e3393beef7f460cce2f
A nightly export of the current CVS code is available here.

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